the backstory of Issac

One dark night his mother pounded on the door of the orphanage found in the slums of Kale City, she knew after giving birth a few days ago her health was failing but she needed to try to help her child as best she could. She pounded on the door, the keepers came and she looked at them with pleading eyes saying, "Please help my child...", having seeing how sick and frail she was, they rushed her and the child in. Grabbing blankets the keepers wrapped her up and took the child and put the the child down to rest, they then went to check on the woman only to find that she had succumb to sickness and passed knowing Issac was safe. The half orc boy named Issac had lived in that orphanage for 14 years, he was always unsure of himself and felt out of place even though the keepers of the orphanage didn't treat him any different from the other children and the other children saw him as one of their own. He always felt out of place because of his orc heritage, the other villagers always looked down on him as the half-breed filth and that's how he saw himself through they're eyes. At 14 he decided to go out on his own with a strong back and headed to the docks where he tried to be a deck hand with many ships but all turning him down for one reason or another, mostly as orc filth, except one. The captain James Scarborough of the ship "The Amatsu's tear" and her diverse crew had taken the young boy in seeing him or what he was, a young man with a strong back willing to work hard and pay his way. Issac had been a part of the crew for three years and was grateful to captain James for giving him a chance as well as didn't treat him like some filthy half orc. though after one night the ship had gotten some cargo which hadn't been mentioned by the captain, it was precious secretive cargo, but one night the first mate of the captain named Craven Keyes (later to be known as captain Craven 'Nightmare Devil' Keyes) was at at a bar striking a deal about this cargo with local pirates, the deal being he and some of the crew help the pirates get the loot and he gets control of the ship and remaining crew in return. Keyes had talked to those he could trust ensuring that Issac be used as the scape goat. The night of the mutiny, Issac was part of the nightly watch, but the person he was on watch with had clubbed him as the pirates boarded the ship. Keyes had told captain Scarborough pirates were attacking, just when the captain had gotten up to the deck he was ran through by is first mate. the remaining crew after the attack was Keyes's followers and some of the ones who were loyal to the captain including Issac, Keyes turned the blame onto the young half orc and opted for trial by the sea. Keyes then, in a sick and evil sense of joy, told Issac why he was the one to have the blame, for Keyes hated Issac because he was a half orc before shoving him into the water. Issac had been lucky enough to grab a piece of debris that allowed him to float when he hit the icy depths, he clung to that piece of wood for dear life as he drifted unconscious for a few days though it felt like forever until a boat of the clergy of Thanton picked him up and nursed him back to health again. Another four days before having passed before Issac regained consciousness before he could tell his story to them Issac's dreams had burned the names of who wrong him into his mind, never to forget or to forgive. When Issac woke he told the clerics his story swearing to them that he will avenge the captain, the clerics seeing his mission as holy and just they say, " We are willing to help you and show you the ways of Thanton so you may avenge your late captain with holy justice.", Issac stayed with the cleric learning their ways for 7 long years before going out to the world spreading the will, word, and glory of Thranton to all, and to find those who slayed his captain.
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