Head-Canons / Earth 1721


- Tony learned to cook and bake at a young age, mostly with the help of Maria and Jarvis. His favourite thing to bake is blueberry muffins because he has so many about that likes to both eat them and use them for whatever he makes as long as it doesn’t taste disgusting.

- He’ll stress bake or whatever, he’ll be found in the kitchen if not his lab either cooking or baking. This is the reason why the avengers have no doubt found so much food about in the kitchen.

- Tony has a dog named Coco. Coco is a Rhodesian ridgeback, where tony lives is basically cocoa territory.

- just a thing, but his iron man suit isn’t technically red and gold, it’s more black and gold. also yes he has other colours too, he just likes the black the gold. It's becoming less gold sometimes and a little more black and red. The eye colour of the iron man armour is red.

- No he didn’t become a playboy, thanks. He spent most of the time either cooking, baking learning something new or spending time with friends. (because this is a headcanon I had for a while.)

- He spent a few years fighting with his company because he didn't want to continue his fathers way of doing it, there has to be a better solution than just weapons. He won in the end.

- (less a head-canon) Tony does not know Wanda or any of the maximoffs, except maybe erik because he didn't mean to get into a fight with him so there's that, or does he know about the civil war of the mcu because he funded the avengers from the beginning.
- He, the wasp and hank to be fair in this univere started the avengers and won't have you yelling about shield starting it in his face about his universe.

- He and Janet (the wasp of his universe) found Steve first, thank you.

- yes, the starks did have a child of their own. Sadly the child died before they promptly decided to adopt instead. Tony in a sense has also had howard put him through what he did because of the their own kid. (that’s just rude,) adding to the guilt.

- Tones is just all eh with his adopted parents, doesn’t mean you got to talk about them with him, he’s going to get annoyed because he doesn’t care if someone thought they were great. His mother was there and cared, though it was Jarvis who was there more times and became more like his father. He despises howard and even doesn't call him dad because he gave up on him being one at the age of 10.

- Tony did indeed keep being iron man a secret for a while. It also got out by trying to save his own dog. (life am i right?)

- Tony doesn’t like the paperwork but he does it because if it get’s done he won’t get pepper on his ass and he gets to spend more time in the lab or whatever he does. (He's still sort of the CEO, pepper wouldn't let him stop completely)

- Obadiah Stane was not at all a father figure, he was Howard's business partner, what became of him in the time when he was a toddler to a teenager is unknown. But he suspects the man is angry with whatever did happened. (the current story plot where this account is based.)
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