˗ˋˏ•˖*h a r u ☹︎༉₊˚⁺⋆̩

name : Haruko ( Haru ) Cho
age : 18 and up
gender : female
height : 5'3
weight : 140
species / race : human
ethnicity : japanese
personality : At first , Haruko is a bit jittery and anxious around everyone she meets , constantly apologizing for the smallest of things . During the time of befriending her it's clear as day that Haru is a complete and utter people pleaser , doing everything she can to make others happy even if it's at her own expense . When taking more of a liking to someone she's pretty much like a dog , will do everything they say , follow them around , etc . She can be a little obsessive and naive but even then she'll just be happy to be around someone . Haruko is always really nice though , albeit her niceness can be overwhelming she tries her best to get people to like her / enjoy her company .
background : Haru was given up by both her parents at the age of 5 without much of a reason - she ended up in an orphanage and from there was constantly picked on due to her small build and timid nature . She never stood up for herself and over time got accustom to being either talked down to or just overall despised , yet she still would attempt to make whoever happy .
She did end up adopted by an older woman , but it wasn't the best of relationships and when she was able to be on her own she kind of just distanced herself .
hobbies : Drawing , she has sketch books upon sketchbooks of random doodles she does when she's bored . They're usually pretty disturbing as this is a way for her to vent .
likes : Cats , animals in general ( especially small and fluffy things , she'll coddle them / cradle them and cry . ) and also ice cream , she's not super big on sweets but bubblegum ice cream makes her really happy every so often . Lastly she really likes gardening or just plants in general.
fears : n/a , she has yet to figure it out .

others :
•her hair is extremely long , going past her feet .
•she gets really upset if her hair is messed with or damaged , like if someone simply steps on her hair while walking past her ; her lip will quiver and she'll just silently cry because she would feel bad getting mad
•if she really likes someone she takes care of everything for them
•might take things a little too far and possibly get violent if someone is upsetting / annoying her interest
•has no idea how to convey her emotions correctly
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