Into Madness / Earth 1721

. Tony is not MCU / Comic canon. He's from a universe i honestly made up, I take some of the things from both canon universes. This Tony is unstable from one of the ongoing story plots I have. Read the about to see.
Pepper and Tony is not a ship in this universe. Pepper and Happy are.
No kids that are biological.

1. I'm not here for some people's perverse ideas or even start. It's uncomfortable on this end.
2. Please try to refrain from assuming things, if you're confused you can ask me a question, i won't bite if you do. It helps us both.
3. My activity is not 24/7 if i'm not on for a length of time, it's not you it's me needing a break from this hellsite a lot.
4. This is for fun, I rp for fun. Please keep this that way thank you.

. Things you should/shouldn’t do:

DO NOT god-mod of any kind
DO NOT expect me to put you first
PLEASE ship with me
BE respectful
PLEASE remind me to reply after a while
plotting/asking/send in memes or a starter
Replying to opens is welcome

5. The mun is not the muse, please remember this.
6. If you a person who likes using guilt / blame games to get a rp going, you can get off and find something better to do.
7. NSFW like blood, mind you this is a site that more likely not to let us rp it in detail, so let's just go with fade to black and just fade out when it get's too far and fade back in when we need it too. Okay?
8. There is going to be about 2 chances, i've had about 20ish years and i've had enough giving chances to people who don't understand what they did wrong.
9. Hate is wrong, do not send hate. I'm not tolerating it.
10. Questions about the universe, the muse and his friends is welcome.
11. Shipping requires discussions and chemistry between muses. As for friendship and enemies those are welcome in all cases.
12. While i can't tag particularly about things i will try to use warnings if i'm about to make an open or start a rp with someone that is touchy.

[If you're going to ask to RP and expect me to think of something out of my ass, you can damn well start it.]
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