Antonio (Anthony) / Earth 1721

Name: Anthony Howard Stark
Real Name: Antonio ???
30 - 35

Adopted Parents:
Howard and Maria Stark.
Real Parents:
Gregory Stark - Twin - unknown whereabouts.

Possibly stolen illegally/forced to be given to the starks.
Despises his adopted dad.
Has a black and gold Iron Man armour.
Lives in the Stark Mansion. (redecorated obviously)
Has a Cousin named Morgan.
Yes, his butler is still about, so far. Because Jarvis and the ai.

Cooking/baking - This is canon for this universe.

Howard Stark

Adopted by the starks, purely for a replacement for the actual son. Tony only figured this out the second anniversary of their death and if he's honest, there's not many emotions for the starks. Except for Jarvis who is still alive and kicking and lives with Tony.

After realizing that he's adopted, it took some years to find out that his actual parents had twins, leaving him to wonder why he was given away but his brother wasn't.

Somewhere along the line of the whole timeline, it's a disaster Obadiah, the man who was formerly made godfather not that tony knows anything about him, he acted upon revenge for what Howard did whether the reason was mentioned or not is unknown. In fact, it seemed to bring back the whole memories and that seemed to do more rocking of his world and has him so off-balance that the senses for doing the right thing sometimes is off the radar for Tony. Despite the fact that even Steve trying to keep him on the right path isn't doing much, but being there is helping to some degree.
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