on a burning pile

kim aera was born on june eighth, 2001 to her very happy parents. there was something always a tad off with the child as she grew up to the age she is now. as a baby she would cry to get things she wanted, like most children would, but it slowly escalated as she grew older. when she began elementary school, starting in third grade after being homeschooled. her parents were worried she wouldnt get along with anyone. it was her idea to get into school in the third grade. she would to to her mother and complain, “mommy i dont have any friends at all, do you want me to grow up to a complete and udder outcast??” her mothers response was always the same response, “you have [REDACTED], you will be fine.” so the third grade, aera manipulated her way into getting into school. she stayed with the same friend her whole life but she had “other” friends. not really friends in her mind, but they believed they were her good friend. she would not allow [REDACTED] to interact with these “friends” cuz aera was extremely jealous and a little bit obsessed with [REDACTED] but they didnt know that. aera got whatever she wanted because she was cute and acted lovable. she grew up extremely manipulative and as she got older, into her teen years. she didnt know how to stop the manipulative side of her. she couldnt push it away, and the obsessive side was just getting more prominent when she realized she was in love with [REDACTED] thats why she was so protective. then, it all fell apart.

age sixteen, aera and [REDACTED] are hanging out like usual, but there was something different. see aera and her best friend met these two guys and they all really hit it off. so a double date was ensued. aera had dressed up all pretty and she lent [REDACTED] some of her clothes, but it was obvious they were slightly, less than her own. [REDACTED] did not notice any of this, in fact they never noticed this behavior because aera had always been there for them and was always their only friend. but unfortunately for aera, her little plaything and the love of her life, [REDACTED] finally started to notice some of these things about her. at the date, they met up with their dates, K and M. aera’s dated was K and of course the other was [REDACTED]’s date. K’s jaw dropped when he saw little aera all dressed up, “jesus! you look gorgeous!” he said taking her in his arms. meanwhile, M was a little underwhelmed when he saw [REDACTED], “oh. you look, uhh nice!” he told them, ruffling the hair on their head. this made [REDACTED] feel a little strange, why would their best friend and most trusted, give them something that was only nice? the group went into the restaurant, taking their seats, K next to aera and M next to [REDACTED]. but M was sitting in front of aera, by his choice. the whole time it was a flirt fest between only THREE of the group, [REDACTED] being left out. “why?” they spoke softly to theirself as everything cleared up, all the memories of their and aera’s past. “why!” [REDACTED] stared hard at aera as their voice cracked with pain and betrayal. “you always have everything perfect for you. you trap everyone in your little web and no one can do nothing about it! you are so cute and pretty that every one is blocked by the facade you have. you are a horrible person kim aera! the way you act around me, acting as if im precious to you, but then you go ahead and take everything i have. you could have lent me something pretty to wear today, but no. you had to have the stage, you had to have the upper hand,” [REDACTED]’s face grew red with tears and anger. aera was taken aback the whole time, tears welling in her eyes as she witnessed the one she was in love with yell at her for things she cannot help. aera tried to change her ways, but the whole thought of manipulation and the things she does, gives her such a rush, she cant help it. its like an addiction. [REDACTED] slammed their hands on the table and stood up quickly, “aera! we are over. dont contact me,” they finished their sentence by grabbing their purse and rushing out of the restaurant. aera was in shock, she couldnt say anything after what happened. K and M, hands over their mouths, started to giggle slightly. this caused aera to get really mad, standing up as well, opening her purse and paying for the few things they got before storming out of the restaurant. her skin prickled with anger and regret, tears streaming down her face as she rushed home.

aera regrets what she did to her best friend, but she couldnt stop. she was plagued with this manipulative side of her and she didnt know what to so. when she wasnt manipulating or wasnt at home, she was stuck being hopelessly in love with the one who hated her most. [REDACTED] threatened aera and threatened to tell everyone about what kind of person she was. they never did anything bad to her, they just made her feel bad about it. never told anyone, just guilt tripped her. but aera, kind of loved it. it meant she was still around the one she loved and she couldnt be happier despite [REDACTED] saying mean things to her. aera’s obsession got so bad at one point, she actually followed them home and everywhere they went for a whole 24 hours.

this behavior from aera has been going on for nineteen years, the obsession for about fourteen. currently she is working at a bakery and planning to go to school to be a vet. her love for [REDACTED] is still sitting inside as she waits for a chance to speak to them again. fortunately, aera has gotten better at keeping the manipulation down due to therapy, but she still gets that itch.
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