Eden Oliver

Eden was close to earning her archangel status when she "fell", corrupted by the world she swore to be better than.

At least, that's what Michael would tell you if you asked. In reality, Eden had discovered the lies behind their "perfection". She understood that the narcissism and inflated attitude was wrong and she didn't want to act like she was above other races anymore.

That's when he attacked her, cutting off her wings with his flaming sword, leaving burns and scars across her back. He left her for dead and burned her wings, disposing of the evidence that she was part of the most "perfect" race there was.

Fortunately, she was found by those she used to scoff at. thinking they'd never be as special as her. They nursed her back to health and she entered the world with a new mindset. However, that didn't mean she didn't miss her wings.

She'd do anything to get them back because if she was ever going to make Michael pay for what he did, she'd need them. For now, she pretends she's human, waiting with virtuous patience for the right opportunity to get her wings back and make Michael feel what she did.
Eden is curious and open-minded, but on guard. She doesn't like to be touched on her back due to the scars on her skin. She usually dresses with multiple layers to conceal it well.
She stands about 5'6" with an athletic build. Her wings are pristine white and 14 feet in span, on the larger end for angels.
-enhanced strength/speed
-skilled with various weapons
-flight (with wings)
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