Essaerae Faecaryn


Full Name: Essaerae Faecaryn
Nickname: -
Age: ???
Sex: female
Gender: female
Birthday: February 22
Species/Race: ???
Ethnicity: ???
Sexual Orientation: bisexual
Relationship Status: single
Status: alive


Body Build: voluminous, curvy
Height: 5'ft 6"in
Weight: 120lbs
Skin colour: fair
Hair style: straight, long, styled down
Hair colour: blonde
Eye colour: green
Distinguishing Features: long pointed ears
Preferred Clothing: little to no clothing
Accessories: gold bracelets and gold accessories


General health: healthy
Posture: good
Any physical illnesses?: no
Any mental illnesses?: no
Take drugs?: no
Smoke?: no

Mental/Emotional State

Archetype: adventurer
Mental age: as old as she is
Act before thinking/Think before acting?: think before acting
Emotion-wise, generally: emotionally stable


Way of speaking: soft, gentle
Voice claim: (she has the voice of lamb)
Common conversation starter: no
Swears?: no
Made-up words?: no
Made-up language?: nope


Likes: living outdoors, traveling, being in her animal form, going for a swim, sunny days, and taking naps
Dislikes: bad people, feeling trapped, very cold days, bugs, and rude animals


change forms, magical abilities, immunity, speak all languages, and physical abilities


Education: has no education but is intelligent and wise
IQ: 135
EQ: high


she has been around for many years and is the last of her kind


mysterious, kind hearted, curious, adventurous, and strong


Family: deceased
Love interest: -
Friends/Allies: -
Enemies: -
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