The Failed Hero

I’ve seen a lot of people doing superhero based roleplays on here, and I got inspiration for one the other night. Because who needs sleep when you can come up with starters, right?

A has the ability to use any power, except he can’t actually “use” any of them. B is a weak hero or a hero wannabe with no powers. Out of the kindness of their heart, B gives A a bottle of water. Overjoyed, A gives B the temporary ability to manipulate water.

Thus, the epic journey of the overpowered A that can only give his powers to others, and only certain powers when he is in the right mood or ate the right food, and B, the kindhearted but powerless hero begins.

***Just some ideas

B: “A! A! I made some food for you.”
A: Takes a bite, his face turning pale as he slumps over.
B: “A, are you okay?!”
A: “...rooms...”
B: “Huh?”
A: “Are there mushrooms...?”
B: “Um, yeah...”
A: “I hate gross..” A becomes queasy
B: “A, get ahold of yourself!” A purple viscous liquid shoots from her hand. “What the-? A, is this poison?!”
A: Dramatically slumps to the ground.
Random character C: “Oh my god, you guys are so dramatic.”
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WholesomeOne Lmao, thanks.