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  .. “ we're starving for connection, not attention, “ / basics & need - 2 - knows
   alicia__zenova. (ally, leesha, charly, baby) middle name: charleene.
   > birthplace: st. petersburg, russia. current__residence: usa.
   zodiac__birthdate: taurus -- april twenty-ninth. (her age depends on the rp; typically twenty-two yrs/old)
   > race__ethnicity: asian. gender__pronoun: cis female, prefers 'she, her, they'.
   occupation__goals: professional ballet dancer & acrobat. her goals are to widen her social media platform,
   gain more influence and followers to be able to make a living. actively competing is her life.
   > relationship_status__sexuality: single, lesbian but not actively looking.
   languages_spoken_nd_written: english + russian.

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