Samara Jonas

Sam is a bit of a pain in the ass to most people. Stubborn, slick, and clever, she tends to be a problem for the people she interacts with. As a professional criminal, you couldn't expect less.

Samara Jonas was born on a spaceship out in the middle of the cosmos. She's mostly human, and passes well for one, but in most plots, she's never been to Earth or interacted with other humans. Most of her days are spent looking for goods to steal and sell or working on some task she was hired to do. She isn't an assassin and isn't open to killing people for money.

You could say her vibes are kind of like Peter Quill from Guardians of the Galaxy. She has her own ship, which she calls the Hawk, that was a sleek design made for speedy escapes and evasive maneuvers. Her spacesuit is a metallic red, boasting a mask with bug-like features.

She's been alone most of her life, but she'll claim to like it better that way.

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