Age: 8
Appearance: long pitch black hair that reached her waist normally in messy tangles. Dark but bright Brown eyes sometimes clouded as she temporarily goes blind. She normally wears An old torn white dress that goes just past her knees. She is also bare foot most of the time. And carries around a grey stuffed bear named demon.
Personality: she can be either extremely timid or extremely bold it depends on the situation. She is smart and a normally happy child that is very compassionate and caring as well as protecive even if she can't protect anybody she will always try.
History: changes with the role play

Ten years later

Age: 18.
Height: 5'6
Weight: 103

Appearance: clouded Brown eyes and dark chocolate Brown hair. She filled out her body nicely having genuine curves and a small but visible chest. She still had pale skin now marked with small scars.

Personality: doesn't talk much but has improved her ability to speak. She had continued her training and become a demon Hunter. And is still best friends with a shadow demon.
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