͟͟͞͞➳❥ littlemisspeony! ,, (❁ᴗ͈ˬᴗ͈) .

  .. “ the good girl, always the good girl, “ / basics & need - 2 - knows
   cascina__monroe. (cas, cassie, girl-with-those-angel-eyes ..) middle name: joy.
   > birthplace: chicago, illinois. current__residence: varies.
   zodiac__birthdate: cancer -- june eleventh. (her age depends on the rp; typically twenty-three yrs/old)
   > race__ethnicity: caucasian. gender__pronoun: cis female, prefers 'she, her, they'.
   occupation__goals: florist ‘@’ flor amor/ her aunt's shop. cas is mainly unsure of her goals.
      ***,, family and social interactions are v important to her.
   > relationship_status__sexuality: single, not actively seeking+ demisexual with no lean.
   languages_spoken_nd_written: english.

⍤⃝♡。:° ❥ luvmeplease! ,, ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و .
  .. “ you're only as good as the hole in my skirt and the bruises on my thigh, “ / appearance.
   5'8. fair/ vanilla toned-skin. has a tendency to wear classy, slightly revealing clothes in any setting.
   has a couple of lineart tattoos scattered. pouty lips, plump lips. straight white teeth with a slight overbite.
   small hoops & little gold chains are her favorite accessories. adores heels, lingerie, frilly & mesh dresses.
   tends to keep her hair healthy and shiny with various products; straight w/out a straightener.
   light blue, almost violet eyes. small beauty marks and freckles spotted across her cheeks. loves gel nails.
   slim with barely any curves. almond shaped nails. eyelash extensions. scent: peonies.

✧˖*°࿐ hand_in_hand! ,, (꜆꜄ ˃ ³ ˂)꜆꜄꜆ .
  .. “ let’s not pretend that we’re still friends, “ / connections, current + past.
   family: alexander monroe (father) + winnie ashcroft (mother). orion & olympia monroe (half-siblings).
   indigo monroe (aunt).
      ***,, her relationship with family is mainly distant. she's closest to her aunt.
   > current_siginifcant_other: none.
   past_relationships: none worth mentioning.

♡୧┈•゚。when_will_my_reflection_show_who_iam_inside? ,, ꒰๑˃͈꒳˂͈๑꒱ノ*゙̥ .
  .. “ you’ve been so hesitant to show what makes you vulnerable, “ / personality, mental.
   > positive_traits: tenderhearted, affectionate, driven, enthusiastic, genuine, reliable, talkative, passionate
   open-minded enthusiastic/hyper, humorous, methodical, optimistic, romantic, creative, loyal.
   > negative_traits: erratic, overly-sensitive/moody, easily-influenced, dramatic, stubborn, immature,
   evasive/known for stonewalling emotions, dependent perfectionist, self-critical.

   > mental_disorders: social/anxiety, insomnia. un_diagnosed: ocd.
   fears: love/commitment, being hurt and/or abandoned, small, tight and crowded places.

◌¨̮͚ *.゚ your_scent_in_my_bed .. ! ,, ( *¯ ³¯*)♡ .
  .. “ i’m getting through to you because i’m concerned baby, “ / habits, physical+verbal.
   > habits__physical: tends to smell like flowers. self-diagnosed serial masturbater.
   fidgets when bored. taps nails on tables and chairs when being impatient. rolls her eyes
   frequently. scrunches up nose when lying. holds eye contact when speaking to others.
   doesn't like to be touched without permission. never-ending smiles. constantly wiggling
   her nose and eyebrows. bites lip and licks lips a lot. will probably play with your oc’s hair
   and/or tattoos. twirls hair when being impatient. hands shake when anxious, rubs hands
   or fingers together to mask it. rubs face or temples when angry.
   > habits__verbal: constantly teasing and giggling. will make up words to confuse those she
   is talking to jus for fun. rarely curses. speaks informally. will flirt with you then tell you, she
   hates you. may come off as bratty, rude, and/or mean. teases others. grumbles/mumbles
   when upset. makes random noises when flustered. stares at you when you're not paying attention.

❤=͟͟͞͞  addictedtou! ,, (´ ▽`)...o♡ .
  .. “ a beautiful addiction to the valley of my vices, “ / favorites, likes+dislikes.
   > likes: crime shows, serial killer documentaries, the ocean/beach, video games, margaritas,
   staying in bed late, gold jewelry, intimacy, astrology, going to see movies, sunbathing
   photography, museums, art, aesthetics, anything heart-shaped, minimalistic designs, flowers,
   iced tea, vintage knick-knacks, faux fur coats, anything purple, indoors, periwinkle, plants
   everything sweet, strawberry fanta, iced coffee, making new friends, competition
   insects (butterflies mostly), getting her nails done.
   > dislikes: pushy strangers, superiority, sports (except volleyball), toxicity,
   dark places, being told what to do, jealousy, illiteracy, being yelled at, toughtless gifts,
   weird smells, the feeling + sound of chalk, being late, horror/gore-y movies, children.
   favorite: the princess and the frog (movie), adventure time(tv show), periwinkle (color),
   fresh lemonade (scent+drink), wisteria (plant+color), the arctic monkeys, noodles or
   chocolate-strawberries, iced mocha (drink), angelcore-cottageore (aesthetic), butterfly houses.

❉・ ʚ˚̣̣̣͙ɞ extra_extra_read_all_about_it ,, !! ค{•̴͈ ˳̇ •̴͈}ค✧
  .. “ the peaceful times have made us blind, “ / abilities
   [ warning: this character has been made for a certain plot and will only be used in that context alone ]
                            ↳ [ number four ]
   she has manipulative, mind-controlling powers. upon physical contact, she can order people
   to act out of their own will. it is a handy power, that's often taken advantage of by the local police.
   she is often treated with distance and coldness, generally people are afraid that she'll take over
   without their permission. her close-combat skills are lacking, but mental abilities are on point,
   which makes her power even more dangerous. it is hard to counter it, so people usually avoid
   physical contact. upon feeling the power, an urge washes over the opponents mind without
   them noticing it. she can only command it by saying the words out loud, so she can't properly
   hide her intentions.

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