The ball occurs on the Friday evening in Malicedom. The beginning is fixed at 6 pm, where families are supposed to arrive.
Since the travel between Heinmenhos and Xhuanghen isn't yet so free, the families of the Eastern have to receive special passes to cross the border with their children for that night.

The huge main hall was set with big tables, for 10+ people, where families can take seat and eat. There will be a massive feast too, of course.

Another big hall was set for dancing, with also a stage where the theatrical show will be performed.
The processors are all present too, as well as the headmaster, and parents are free to meet and speak to them too. They will participate to the feast as well.

There is freedoms to move through the corridors to the halls dedicated to the ball but not to the other areas of the school like classrooms or dormitories.
The garden is free too, if people have boots long enough to not get soaked in mud till their knees.
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Flame She smiles as she says the guys walking towards her.
She approaches too and looks at Tian following them, °It is something that can happen.
Think about what? I will never disobey to an order that arrived from my king. He has a precise purpose and to do it we need some people.° she smiles.
°You are a Yung too?°

He continues to walk towards Aimery not affected from anything else.
Charcoal "I am a Yung..." he mumbles. It's quite unlike him to open his mouth to a stranger, which is the nth proof he is not acting by his own will, only by the mesmerising effect of the music.
Coconut "What? Are you surprised it didn't have effect?" She stares at her very threateningly.
"What are you here for and why you want the Yungs? As a matter of facts, I am one." And she is still not letting XinLan go. "Snap out from it, Lan, quickly..." She mutters, shaking him.
Flame °Good boy, we will go to meet the king now your outfit is appropriate.°
She raises an eyebrow, °Something can go wrong in a plan. My task is to take the young Yung and bring them to my king. You too will come.
He cannot hear you, he can hear only my voice now.
Lan? We need to go please take her.° she points Tian.

°I am a Yung too° as she says to take Tian he jumps on her.
Charcoal His own outfit is all dirty of oil by now. :V
Sadly he is not able to win the enchantment from the music, he is also too young to have a chance to fight it,.his mind is too weak.
At Aimary's order, he looks at Tian and takes her hand, that'd be how he takes his sister.