Malicedom wasn't ready for this new wave of eastern kids, especially Zhao XinLan. At the school there are various forms of support for students with learning difficulties, but his case is something not even the northern experts really know how to handle.
He has too much energy, if he doesn't use it he feels unwell. He is rarely attending all the classes of the day, quite often he is taken out to waste some energy.

Zhao XinLan tried various sports and seemed to like them all, also doing quite well in them, although he is a danger for other players.
One teacher in particular, Anthony Riddle, who teacher Physical Empowerment and Synergy and Coordination in the Order of Fighters, took interest into the kid and decided to help him, especially in learning how to manage his strength.

Anthony gives him a little session before the lessons start in the morning and another in the middle, so that he can consume his energies without making a fuss in the classrooms.
Also, the sport teachers are scared of his strength and Zhao XinLan got kinda kicked from all the sports except gymnastics, but Anthony is playing the sports he likes with him, in their time off.
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Lordship "Don't worry, no one likes anatomy. It is a boring subject." He snickers.
"Ne, I want to know all so I can try to be as good as you." He pats his head, smiling.
"Indeed you cannot go home. We'll stay till the end, we can't do otherwise.
He is all dirty. It is not good..." He wishes he could take some of his medicine right now. Every little stress triggers him for it lately.
Charcoal Hours pass and school ends, including the extracurricular activities they might have signed up for.
They head to WonPil to teleport back together to Xhuanghen and head to their home, where the preparations for Sharyn's birthday are already done.
It's mostly snacks from Earth, if there is a favourite kind he likes, since there LaNi has quite a lot of money from his own activities.
The parents have invited their closest friends and relatives, it's not a huge party but what they could afford.
Star_Dust °Yeah there is so battle with math.
But I miss appa! I want to go home too. He is not that dirty.°
He goes at the party obviously, he wouldn't miss a party for no reason. Obviously his parents go with him, he is still 1 years old. And really troublesome at his own ways.

°How it went at school?°

°I had only boring lessons today except only for the math club.°
Lordship He actually doesn't expect anything for his birthday. A day like the others, he only has to quickly do homeworks then prepare to go to the hq, in his mind.
As they return home, he blinks at the sight of everything. He didn't expect but he is happy and touched, making a slight smile. "Omo..." He looks around, amazed. "Gomawo..." He approaches LaNi and WuXin first, hugging both of them.
He takes a few snacks for himself. His favourite are salty snacks like chips, cheese chips in particular, and he takes a bag.
He then moves closer to XinLan and Jiko. Sadly, they are probably his biggest friends. Even WonZi comes closer, he has already stolen quite a few snickers and mars.
Star_Dust He looks at Sharyn and waves, °We brought a gift for you.° he gives him a box and inside there is a gold bracelet with a green gem. °I thought it is cute, I like the green.° he looks at XinLan, °Should we play some game?° he wants always to play.