Laran, God of War

The God of War has gone by many names to many different people, and he likes to cycle through them just to switch things up a bit. Living for century after century would start to get boring for anyone. In the modern day, he was more bored than ever.

Back in the times of empires and tribes, he toyed with fueling spite over trivial issues to spark violence. He got his power from the blood spilled in battle, and watching pitiful humans fight for what they believed by correct was more than entertaining for him.

Now, he doesn't even have to do anything and the humans start fighting. They're constantly killing each other over something or other. It's left the God of War quite bored of it all.

To find some sort of entertainment, he joined the humans in their realm, finding new curiosity in observing them and learning their ways. After quickly finding out that he would need money to continue to live on the surface, he got a job at a college, teaching about ancient religions. It was an ironic disguise, but the humans would be none the wiser.
- making people feel angry (emotional manipulation)
- skill with any weapon
- lightning wielding
- inhuman strength
Physical Appearance:
"Laran Martin" is about 6'2" with slim, fit build. He has long, wavy black hair that may be worn down or tied in a low bun. His demeanor is typically very stoic and unbothered, but his students notice a subtle passion when he speaks about religious wars or gods of war; nothing very concerning, though.
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