Amara Grim (basically death herself)

In the beginning, there was Death and there was Life. Life grew stronger with every new human to exist on the surface. Population grew exponentially and Death couldn't keep up to maintain the natural balance. In comes Amara Grim.

Amara would be considered to be the daughter of the Grim Reaper, but he prefers the name Death, which technically is Amara's name, too, being a piece of him, but she gave herself a more human-sounding name out of curiosity for the ones living on the surface.

Death hated her interest in humans. "Your job is to take their souls when their time comes, not to befriend them." He'd say. "Why can't I do both?" She'd reply. Somehow, she'd convinced him to allow her to stay on the surface as long as she kept doing her job.

For centuries, she's lived among humans, adopting a physical form that best suits the style of the time period. She has an odd draw to her and humans are often compelled to approach her.

Amara has a watch that she can use to see the remaining lifespan of any human in her vision. The watch takes the shape of something common to have. Once a pocket watch, once a wristwatch, now a smartphone.

She is one of what has become several of her kind, managing the balance in the United States while others like her rule over other countries.
Personality-wise, Amara is sarcastic and generally pretty cynical. She's closed off from most people and has no interest in being friendly with humans, only to observe them.

Depending on the plot, she may open up with the internal struggle of her purpose and individuality.

She may have various pets with names associated with death. To the average human, she'd come across as a death-obsessed, goth, satanic-type of individual.
Physical Appearance

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