List of the Alphas. (Incomplete list)

Werewolves: Ezekiel Teyss.
Skinwalkers: Barclay McLaine.
Shifters: Jeremi Castle. (Crow is no real alpha, he is Jeremi's firstborn and unofficially replaced his father in his absence. He doesn't have the power of an Alpha and he can die.)
Sirens: Mirice.
Valkyries: Trula.
Amazons: Rianka.
Knights of Zimkesha: Viktor Jagermeister.
Shojos: Lohun.
Fairies: Sunflower.
Leprechauns: Cosko.
Gnomes: Rando.
Mermaids: Zalija.
Nimox: Xineus.
Harpies: Clevenoir.

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