Sister Stipulations!

All Play.
* 18+ only, IRL and in play.
* Humans only.
* Modern/Realism. No fantasy/magic type play please.
* IC or OOC approach. I'll go off what is started.
* NO POLITICS, or any of that kinda BS.

Dating Play.
* Masculine males only.

Friendship play.
* All are welcome of course.

Profile play.
* I don't do "mains" on MY profile.
Nothing against it personally.
I just don't want to potentially cause drama.
Feel free to ask if you want me to be your main.
I won't promise I will say yes though.

* Adult, and an actual fan of James Charles.
@DominicBlack 's player and I know each other personally and roleplay together regularly.
They roleplay more than I do though. lol.

* New to roleplaying as celebrities, not to RPing.
* Might add or change rules in the future.
* I'll try to stick to James' actual personality as much I can.
* Might take a few liberties from time to time though.
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