Piper Salvatore

Name:Piper Lillian Salvatore-Adison

NickName:”Pipes, Lilly, Angel face”

Birthday:June 10th


Age Apperance:17



Hair Color:Black

Eye Color:Blue

Sexuality: Bisexual

Relationship Status:Married

Speices:Heretic (Vampire/Witch)

Powers: Immortality, Speed, Strength, Compulsion, orbing, Spell craft

Nicole Halliwell-Mother
Damon Salvatore-Father
Demetrius Salvatore-Brother
Damien Salvatore-Brother
Stefan Salvatore-Uncle
Carlyle Salvatore-Cousin
Piper Halliwell-Grandmother
Lillian Salvatore-Grandmother
Giuseppe Salvatore-Granfather
Leo Wyatt- Grandfather

Verses: Charmed, TVD, TO

Quotes:”Mystic Falls has its way of bringing people together”

“I’m not a little girl anymore I’m married woman with two children, I can handle myself”

“What’s the point of love when you have no one to share it with”

“Alarik! Just because your brother ate the last cookie doesn’t give you the right to turn him into a pig”

BackStory: Piper Lillian Salvatore was born to Damon and Nicole Salvatore on June 10th she is the couples first and only daughter. She has black hair and blue eyes like her father as she takes after him physically, while personality wise she takes after both parents. She’s sassy and witty like her father but caring and passionate like her mother. Like Damien growing up Piper was a sweet kind girl that sometimes got into trouble for speaking out of turn or sometimes being a little too honest but other than that she was a total peach. Piper is a very intelligent young woman that isn’t easily fooled or manipulated and she takes pride into helping people in need never once taking time to think of herself. These selfless acts can be shown to where she saved a young woman’s life before turning the woman in a final split Decision. After years of her being single and failed relationships she finally met her true love in a witch by the name of Gray Adison and with him she gave birth to two sons twins by the names of Damien named after her older brother and Alarik named after their grandfather. All around Piper would be a good ally to keep in case of an emergency or just for good measure.

Theme Song:”Dollar for your Sadness” by Unlike Pluto

Face Claim:Grace Phipps
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