Special rp requests for those close

Things Hana does on a close bond:

Will cosplay for the other and may even get into the persona to be that person Hana's cosplay closet consists of various outfit replica's from characters across different worlds (verses). As well as wigs. If he doesn't have it, give it time and he can have it made by his older sister.

Movie night and cuddling. Be warned that Hana may fall asleep during this process.

He is proficient in back massages and him being able to heal could really help relieve some pain as needed.

Taking them swimming. With his powers and the fact water is touching him all over, Hana would have no issues on contact shifting it around and away from another's lungs allowing them to explore underwater without diving gear.

Breakfast and dinner in bed. With his job as a maid with the other family, Hana is perfectly capable of serving a good meal to fill a person up.

While he won't be someone else maid, it can be requested after a while to move in with him for characters that lack a home or just want to for whatever reason. Or him to move in with them, it can go either or. As with the name I've given him that pretty much describes him. He wouldn't say no to having another to be around if he trusts them.

Among other things, just ask and if it's something he may do it'll be granted. Though these things will only be allowed for good friends. Hana himself wouldn't mind doing any of this as one of his more wanted things is having company and keeping busy. So if he gets to share fun memories with friends, he'd pretty much always be for it. XD
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