The egotistical Russian

➳ Basics

Full Name: Alexei Ivanov
Date of Birth: 2nd of April
Zodiac: Aries
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Closeted bisexual with a female lean.

➳ Abilities

What animal best represents them?: Wolf
Hand-to-Hand capability: A good fighter, he knows how to defend himself but also how to attack, and where.
Physical strength: 8.5/10
Speed: 9/10
Planning: 7/10

➳ Family

Parents (describe relationship): Father passed away just after his sister was born, mother was a drunk that he absolutely despised. He thinks she barely cared when Mischa went missing.

Are they still together?: No.
Birth order: Oldest

Siblings (describe relationship): Younger sister Mischa, who died at the age of 17. (typically a few months before the start of the roleplay) He moved out of russia because of this. She had died after he had lost sight of her at a party. She was missing for two weeks, only to be found floating in the river dumped like trash. She had been murdered and raped, stripped of even her own clothes. Alexei never stopped looking for her, and is trying to drink his sorrows away now that he knows she is dead.
What is the character's family life like: Weird. Father is dead, sister is also dead, mother is basically dead to him
What does their family love most about them?: Mischa loved that Alexei cared about her so much, even if she denied it.
Hate?: Mischa hated that Alexei was so protective of her all the time.
What would their family be described like by another person?: Toxic, dysfunctional.

➳ Relationships

Are they a virgin?: No.
How did they lose it?: Not like he would tell you, as if he remembers.

➳ Favorites

Favorite foods: Any kind of warm meal is good to him.
Least favorite food: Brussels sprouts.
Favorite colors: Any dark color, basically.
Least favorite color: Neon colors...
Music: Rock, hard rock, country.
Smell: Cinnamon, freshly baked pastries.
Feeling: Being intoxicated or being in bed after a night out.
Season: Autumn.
Animal: Birds, snakes.

➳ Physical Characteristics

Height: 6'7
Body build: Built quite wide and large in a healthy way, he works out to actually keep it this way.
Eye Color: Green.
Hair Color: Dark brown.
Type of hair: Long, flexible straight hair.
Hairstyle: Loose and messy, often swept back with his hand.
Complexion and skin tone: Slightly tanned.
Scent: Coconut.
Voice: Deep, smooth like honey. Has a Russian accent.
Mannerisms: Staring at women sometimes, quick to drink and he bounces his knee, never sits still.
Style: Casual, relaxed.
Speech patterns: Confident, quite sure of himself.

➳ Intellectual/Mental/Personality Attributes and Attitudes

Native language: Russian, but speaks mostly English.

What are their strengths?:
- Strong willed
- Persuasive.
- Flirty.
- Independent.

- Reckless.
- Egotistical.
- Quick to anger.
- Addictive personality.

Any Mental Illnesses?: Never officially diagnosed.

How does your character believe they are perceived by others?: Who even knows.
How self-confident is your character?: Very much so.
What makes their self-confidence waver?: Someone talking back to him, speaking up against him.
What would embarrass your character the most?: Being beaten in some way.

How does your character feel about love: Never experienced it truly.

About crime: Fine with it as long as it doesn't bother him.

How does your character show affection/love?: He is possessive and manipulative, and will do anything to keep his significant other to stay, even if it means hurting them.

How does your character handle grief? He tries to drink it away.
What are they like when they cry?: Angry.
What can make them cry?: Mischa.
How does your character handle physical pain?: High pain tolerance.
Emotional pain?: He ignores it, pushes it back. Drinks to ignore it.
Is your character typically a leader or a follower?: Leader.
Are they 'big picture' or 'little details'?: Big picture.
What kind of energy level does your character typically display?: Ranging from slightly below average to slightly above.

- Drinking.
- Partying.
- Meeting new people.
- Playing guitar.
- Driving.

If any, what musical instruments can they play?: Guitar.

- Storms.
- Snow.
- Movies.
- Music.
- Clubbing.
- Drinking.
- Night time.
- His job.

- Hesitant people.
- ¨party poopers¨.

➳ Emotional Characteristics

How does the character deal with anger?: Take it out on someone.
With sadness?: Push it away.
With conflict?: Face it.
With change?: Either accept or fight it.
With loss?: Push it away.
What frightens your character?: ???
Are they afraid of the dark?: No.
Death?: No.
What makes your character happy?: A good party.
Sad?: ???
Angry?: People who hesitate and don't want to go to parties with him.
Aroused?: Drinking, specific women and sometimes drugs.
Annoyed?: Women resisting him.
Is your character judgmental of others?: Yes.
Is your character generous or stingy?: Inbetween.
Is your character generally polite or rude?: Depends.
Optimistic or Pessimistic?: Pessimistic.
Introvert or Extrovert?: Extrovert.
Daredevil or Cautious?: Daredevil.
Logical or Emotional?: Emotional.
Disorderly and messy or methodical and neat?: Bit of both.
Would they rather be working or relaxing?: Relaxing.
How do they feel about animals?: Loves them.
They are most at ease when: either at home on the couch with someone pleasant or at a party.
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