They gather up to discuss the situation and what they think to do about Tero, who has behaved like a traitor joining the opposite side.
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LIES °We are sure that he is still alive? If they captured him?°

At that moment Wuxin receives a message from SangPil, he went out to "hunt".
/I am inside. I will make sure to tell whatever I discover./

°An illusion? And how we can overcome it?
Yeah there avatars of decays and death, Sasori is a silver knight he could be able to do it.°
Dobermann "Algetseumnida...I'll talk to TiHao. SangPil is away, I doubt he can return whenever he wants. Dearh is more about souls. It'd feel better to call him here that way.
Oh." He notices the message. "Good news. He is in.
I have a plan but I'm open for ideas. I don't want to bring a child on battlefield."
Huang_MinHo "If you take Tero away from them, won't the illusion fall? Or he could be forced to remove it." By them, he means. He doesn't know what other plan they have. "I've tried to go through the illusion, but it was impossible for me."
LIES °You don't know the avatar of death? Except the children there is noone here that have death as element.
He entered? He is the best seriously.
Taking Tero away? You mean to kidnap him? If he is not there I suppose there will be no illusion anymore.
You went there too? How the illusion is like?°
Dobermann "Ne, first we'd need to get to Tero. That's the real problem, we need to cross it.
My Sharyn can break it, I am pretty sure. He can find the way in...but as I said, he is only a child. We need a better plan if possible.
I don't know him or her. We'd have to look for it and hope he has any clue."