File 1 - Evangeline Steele

l e g a l - i n f o r m a t i o n

Legal Name : Evangeline Rosa Steele
Birth Name : Angelica Marie Cortes
Aliases : Dark Phoenix,Evie,Eve
Gender : Female (Of course!)
Age : 26 year's old
Birth-date : 5/3
Birth Place : Paris,France
Current Residence : New York , New York
Career/Current employment : Modeling / Mafia Leader & Model

f a m i l y - r e c o r d

Maternal Mother : Martha Cortes
Maternal Father : Francisco Cortes
Maternal Sister (s) : none
Maternal Brother (s) : none

Legal Mother/Guardian : Carla Steele
Legal Father/Guardian : Raymond Steele
Legal Sister(s) : none
Legal Brother(s) : none

Un-biological children : Alexander
Soul Sister(s) : Taylor Momsen
Soul Brother(s) : none (yet)

Husband : - - - -
Biological Children : none (yet)

o t h e r - i n f o r m a t i o n

~ Evangeline was placed into the custody of
Carla Steele when she was 7 year's old

~ She is was the soul heir to her father's mafia
and now lead's it.It's headquarters being stationed
in new york city.

~ One of her hobby's is photography.Following her
mother's footstep's into the modeling industry.

~ She will protect the one's that she loves with her
very life.Nothing will hurt them as long as she lives.

~ She is known as the Dark Phoenix because of her
ability to slip into places without being seen,and coming
back from thing's that should have killed her.

~ Her adopted mother raised her on a horse ranch where
her love for animal's initially began.

~ She's a closed off person who keeps her head in the
cloud's and who dreams of big thing's.

~ Friend circle small.It's safer that way.

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