Hana's Bio

Name: Hana L. Undine

Age: 16 - 18 (depending on rp)

Race: Nonhuman (Spirit)

Blood type: N/A Blood has been converted to water of which he lives on.

Height: 5'4 Default (height changes when cosplaying based on the outfit he wishes to wear)

Weight: Cannot be measured. Weight shifts constantly based on various factors such as emotion, overall health, outfit, and if any food has been eaten prior.

Likes: Salad, movies, water, baths, remaining busy, cleaning up, chatting

Dislikes: Being touched by strangers, anything too hot, not having anything to do, being alone, filth

Orientation: Seems asexual

Abilities: Can heal wounds, control all water in contact with him including others. Because of this, he can be either very light or heavy and seems to have no limit as to how dense he can become as long as he has water within or near him. meaning he can change any part of his body if he really wanted. With control of water inside him and making himself lighter, he can also fly. Does not require air underwater to breath and can swim about as fast as jets can fly given he knows where he's going and feels like it. Being able to control the water meaning he can swim in stealth via keeping waves from being made, even when surfacing.


All deceased other than an older sister who lives on another planet.

Has since sought refugee in another family whose gotten close to him since appearing on this world.


Hana was born in a poor family on his home world. They struggled to make ends meet each month but eventually got on their feet after their daughter attended a school and gained concerned from a teacher that would pitch in and help out making their lives easier. However this would end when one day when a group of unknown people invaded the home and murdered the family leaving the sister who was at school, and Hana himself who was out with friends at the time.

When this happened Hana did not get to see the tragic aftermath that his sister had before being approached and taken away by three spirits who urged him to come with them where they would keep him away from humanity only allowing interaction when after a while his sister accepted to become one of them. However the power was too great for her so a large portion was taken out of her and put into a compatible host being Hana himself. Outside of what they do share together, Hana's body accepted more of the supportive side of the spirit while his sister's abilities were not only stronger due to being the targeted host, but more focused on destruction capabilities.

Afterwards due to the murder of their family and the risks of having a water spirit on the loose, they were split up and Hana was placed on another planet for his safety to live there while under their watch. Over the years he has slowly adapted and begin to blend in a bit with the people there but it didn't go so well as with his water half came some memories and feelings of the previous host given him a bit of a bias against the living. While Hana himself is nice, his actions can speak a different story especially if approached too quickly by someone he doesn't know.

The reason he doesn't allow just anyone to touch him is he is unable to fight the overflowing emotion that everything around him is unclean and would contaminate him. So this does mean for many he needs time in order to get close and to fully fight off those thoughts. But in his case there isn't many who seems open to waiting or giving him a chance, he sees them once then never again. This would continue until eventually meeting a family that lived up the way from him. They were different. They understood and worked with him, even invited him over to a few dinners as their relationship would build.

Eventually it was learned that both parents of that family work constantly and would be away, so Hana volunteered to help clean their home while they didn't agree at first. They let him seeing it seemed to make him happy to do so. And he didn't seem so usually sad or distant while at work. This has become a normal thing for them and eventually he's become their maid in a way. He's really good with their kids and does not bug the teens when he doesn't have to. His time with them seem to help his overall emotion as since then he's been more willing to meet others, although only at his home. Despite their relationship, they do not know what he really is and that the spirits forbade him from getting too involved with the world so even if he wanted to go out and meet people. He cannot.
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