Death and Honour. Apparently not a particulatly dangerous mix, what could Honour do? The truth is very complicated and twisted.

Hitachi Ishida. Ancient lineage, from Mountain tribes and of course connected to Shinobi, but unluckily no one of them remained alive after the massive massacre, only few family members who didn't share the secrets.
True Blood family, overall respected, medium rich and with good places in the Ministry of Justice. Hitachi is a 19 years old noble boy, dignified, knowledgable, with no scandals, but a dark secret.
Knights have always existed, auriold with out of ordinary powers, similar to Shinobi masteries. In his family, one of the most famous and skilled Shinobi was Gaara Ishida, one of the few with a great sense of honour, that was able to manipulate sands. An ancient knight of Turhad and Zimkesha.
When civil war came, he fought to clean the Empire with Hiro from traitors, not knowing the decision of the first Emperor to get rid of all Shinobi. A group hid in the eastern deserts and they headed there. The mission was a complete success.
At the end of their mission, Hiro backstabbed him, they fought harshly. Hiro wouldn't have made it if he didn't play dirty on Gaara. Before to die, he cursed Xhuanghen and the Emperor, swearing he'd return to have his revenge. His spirit survived thanks to his main element, death, and got stuck there. It started to wander the eastern desert and in the years, it became worse and worse, corrupted and evil, far from the character he once was, forgetting everything. He haunted whoever approached the place of his death.

The story is in legends and very few know about it. It is connected to the Silver Cloth and to be achieved, Gaara must be freed, but it is not simple at all.

Hitachi's parents got married recently, she was already pregnant of their first child. All signs seemed to say they'd have a male - eastern physicians and their magic - .
They decided to travel through Xhuanghen to meet all their family members around and receive their blessings. Their path eventually leaded them through the desert. They stayed only for one night, but it was enough. Enough for Gaara to find them nearby...
Suddenly sand rose, like a tempest all around them. It got them all so scared, but it didn't last long and they were spared. They didn't talk about that night, nor they understood properly what happened.
The truth is: Gaara found a body to possess, a suitable one, that would accept him. Hitachi's, still in his mother's belly.
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