>/RULES /<

Hi ! And thanks for reading this.

1) I don't like one line roleplay, I prefer to have at least a few so we can keep things interesting. I do my best to be literate but I'm still struggling, so please make me notice if I make some kind of mistake.

2) We're adults so if there's something you want to discuss about the roleplay tell me, we can always change things and in case I can rewrite a message. I won't be mad at you, so please keep it in mind.

3) I reply whenever I can and I feel to, so if my replies takes a while that's the reason, I don't want this to be stressful.

4) If you add me a message is appreciated, even just to say hi. ❤

5) If you don't want to discuss a plot feel free to contact me in character, it's fun.

6) I have just a few limits but please respect them.

That's all !
Feel free to ask any question you want.
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8 | Jan 13th 2021 08:49