Old lyrics that I never really shared sooo

Sitting drowning in self hatred because of the time I wasted on her just to throw it away with a couple of pics. Now I'm not claiming to be perfect, but I was still lied for you and put my reputation on line, I'm with a new girl Tonight and I couldn't be happier, you tried to get me to cheat, tried to manipulate me, damn I'm only 15 why the f*** do I have deal with this, I swear y'all don't know all the bullsh*t we go through, it's always life was harder when we were kids, we've got own struggles in life, I met a girl who I thought I'd love only for her to stab me with a knife after all the times I was there to comfort her when she stuck one to her wrists, I was just kidding but she told me I was the reason she didn't she thought of me and said I love you only to to say f*** you a couple months later, was. Any of it really worth it? Or should I have just said f*** it you're bullsh*t ain't worth it, now I'm with a new one who won't cheat because we've had the same past heart breaks and broken mental states and yet some how we've never been happier so I hope you're happy with your perfect manipulator
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0 | Jan 11th 2021 12:49