Kim Myung-Hee (OC)

✦✧『 Trigger warnings: Self-harm, mental illness, loss. 』✧✦

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[ Basic biography. ] ❀✿
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❀ Name: Kim Myung-Hee (Myung-Hee is the given name, Kim the surname.)
✿ Nickname: Her classmates call her Monkey, due to her name pronunciation being close.
❀ Gender: Female, she/her. (♀)
✿ Hometown: Kaesong, North Hwanghae Province - North Korea.
❀ Ethnicity: Asian; Korean.
✿ Birthday: July 8th.
❀ Age: 17.
✿ Occupation: Waitress at a South Korean diner.

❀ Location: Daegu, South Korea.

✿ Blood type: O negative.

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[ Clothing, looks, etc. ]
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❀ Height: 5'4".
✿ Weight: 116 lbs.
❀ Skin tone: Slightly pale.
✿ Skin marks: Two cut scars on her upper arms(self-harm), a large scar on her index finger(from a fileting knife, accident), a large scar on her knee(from jumping a sharp fence and hurting herself), various birthmarks on her neck and chest, a birthmark above her left eyebrow.
❀ Eye details: Monolid, coffee brown.
✿ Hair color: Jet-black, cocoa brown tints.
❀ Hair length: Upper-mid back.
✿ Hairstyle: Hime-bang, straight hair part, curly hair tips.

❀ Body shape: Rectangle.
✿ Face shape: Circle.
❀ Full or thin lips? Thin.
✿ High or low cheekbones? High.
❀ Clothing style: Soft and more casual grunge.
✿ Usual makeup: Some vanilla Chapstick on occasion.
❀ Accessories: A large black purse, a silver hoop necklace.
✿ First impression: Most people look at her and get an eccentric vibe from her.

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[ Personality/traits ]
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❀ Musical hobbies: She knows how to play basic piano songs, and she has a good singing voice. Back in North Korea, she would sing in the fields while she worked.
✿ Artistic visual hobbies: She sometimes sketches some inspirational art of the sun, flowers, etc. because she loves creating beautiful visuals during class at her school.
❀ Literary or calligraphic hobbies: She often writes short quotes or poems along with her sketches, but she does nothing else in this category.
✿ Sports hobbies: None, she isn't into sports at all.

❀ Nature hobbies: She used to work farming in the fields of Kaesong, but she still does basic flower gardening when she can, and she grows tomatoes.

✿ Exploration hobbies: None, she's always wanted to travel but she's always been so hesitant to even ask her parents if she could.

❀ Collection hobbies: She doesn't really collect anything.

✿ Science and tech hobbies: She knows a lot about coding and computer programming, having studied , CSS, and HTML since she found her way into South Korea.
❀ Social hobbies: People-watching, which normally comes off as creepy.
✿ Other hobbies: Reading, listening to music.
❀ Positive traits: Creative, polite, respectful and selfless.
✿ Negative traits: Indecisive, gloomy, pushover and mysterious.

❀ Neutral traits: She's very eccentric and even erratic, she is also very quiet.
✿ Favorite foods: Chocolate-coconut haystacks, Italian-style subs, yakisoba.
❀ Favorite drinks: Daechucha tea, iced milk tea.
✿ Favorite colors: Periwinkle, lilac, indigo, gray, ebony.
❀ Favorite animals: Zebras, leopards, domestic cats.
✿ Favorite seasons: Early spring, late autumn, winter.
❀ Favorite numbers: She has always taken a soft liking to 6 and 8.
✿ Favorite places to be: School, her home.

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[ Special info ]
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❀ Politics(US): Libertarian.
✿ Religion: Agnostic Atheist.

❀ Handicaps: None.
✿ Mental disorders: Depression, anxiety.
❀ Physical disorders: A higher possibilities of getting heart disease than most.
✿ Instruments owned: None, she used to own a piano but she had to sell it when her family was in a rut with a lack of money for a couple months.
❀ Phones owned: A black iPhone 10 with a purple basic phone case.
✿ Cars owned: She just gets around in a taxi.
❀ Antiques owned: She has an antique piano music box, she also has an antique gray flower pot with blue flowers on it.
✿ Mannerisms: Biting her lip, avoiding eye contact, sighing.

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[ Family/relations ]
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❀ Family: Park Chung-Hee(biological father, deceased-- died during heart surgery in Kaesong), Kim Mi-Young(biological mother), Kim Won-Shik(stepfather), Kim Dae-Won(stepbrother).
✿ Pets: Nutjob(her stepfather's pug, not really hers),
❀ Friends: Lee Sang-woo(an elderly co-worker of hers), Lim Bon-Hwa(distant, moved long ago but they are still friends online despite her social media inactivity).
✿ Enemies: Plenty of people who bully her at school. She has issues with people there.
❀ Love interest: She has never experienced a crush before.
✿ Other: None.

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[ Roleplay info ]
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❀ Fantasy? No.
✿ Anime? No.
❀ Realistic? Yes.
✿ Horror/gore? Yes.
❀ Romance? Possible, but unlikely.
✿ Furry? No.

(Face-claim was found on the internet, and it looks exactly how I imagined her so I used it-)
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