Avery the Banished

Name: Avery Townend

Age: 22

Eyes: Green

Hair: Brown

Usual Outfit: Captain's Clothes
White linen shirt with a dark green vest and black swallowtail coat, black and grey vertical striped pants and dark brown leather boots.

Weapons: Sword (Longsword) and Musket

Background: Avery Townend was once in a well-off and powerful family. When he went off to university at the age of 17, he had his first encounter with pirates in a town near his campus. Bad mouthing the dirty criminals with his friends ended in him being kidnapped and taken away on a ship. The only way to free himself was to outsmart them all and gain power in their ranks. Now, at age 22, he's one of the youngest pirate captains on the seas, known for being clever and intelligent, and a little bit cocky.

After gaining his freedom, he originally went back to university to try to get his old life back, but was rejected for becoming a pirate and banished from the school. Rather than continuing his education elsewhere, he returned to the sea and formed his own crew.
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