Fear of the Dark.

The Alphas are much more complicated than anyone could imagine in fact. There is a reason if so many innocents had to willingly accept to sacrifice themselves in order to imprison them: it's simply impossible to get rid of them. And that's not just because they can not be killed, but because they are intelligent like any other Auriold, wise, most of them are over 800 years old, there is sure none of them to be young and naive. But the worst point of all is the fact that they look exactly like every any other Auriold that could be found. They pass completely unnoticed among the people, they are just like the others, even in their energies. They don't feel any different and there is no material that causes them reactions, the oldest and most experienced hunter put in front of a random Auriold and one of the Alphas wouldn't be able to know which one is the Auriold and which the Alpha.

They were caged for 4 centuries and their look wasn't known to many, so basically it's possible to say that nowadays, the only people who knows what some of them look like are the people who were present when they were released and each others.
Ezekiel has been to Thylum thousands of times after getting to Devon's mansion, take everything from him and return to the lead of the Werewolves. He goes there for several reasons, to find out what happened during his absence, to learn about the official Hunters, to choose his victims and the people to transform. But most of all, he goes for revenge and not towards the people who are responsible for his imprisonment, but for his own family.
He was betrayed by his brother, Janhor, because of him he was captured, tortured for months and eventually sold to researchers to be experimented on, to then become the first Werewolf.
Despite he doesn't mind at all to be a Werewolf, he is very pissed off for the treason and he is not satisfied enough to know that his "whole" family was already tortured and exterminated. Plus, ever since he set his nose out of the cage, he could smell that Teyss blood from the other side of the world. He knows there is one living Teyss and he intends to get to that person and...have his revenge, even if he is aware that he is potentially completely innocent. And he is convinced it is a male, probably his nephew and he hopes so badly that he looks like his father.

After relaxing and getting himself back to full strength, he indeed went to hunt this Teyss down, following the smell, which led him to Thylum first, straight to Malicedom, where Tomiel was for her classes. She noticed him outside, and it creeped her out a little, but she ignored it, thinking she just imagined it.
The next day, he saw the strange figure outside Richard's window, while she was there for her private lessons.
Two days after, Ezekiel was outside her window, in the night, at home. She screamed like crazy getting all of the men of the house to go to check, but no one found Ez, only a dog that had been killed, clearly not by some animals.
She never spoke to anyone about the previous times she spotted him and everyone thought it was just a robbery attempt.
For a couple more days, she didn't see him anywhere, she relaxed again thinking that she probably was just imagining things. That evening, she was taken to Jackil's clinic after homeworks by Richard, so that her father could do a check-out to her to make sure she is fine, something normal, something that has to be done often because of her disease.
The Healer working for Jack left and the two were left alone in the clinic and just as they were about to go home, they noticed someone in the waiting room -Ezekiel.

The thought it could be a girl never once crossed Ez's mind. He was completely sure it would be an adult male that he never even considered a different possibility. But in truth, he decided he wanted her anyway, so he had to take her.
In the clinic, Jackil tried to fight him to protect his daughter, but it was pointless, there was nothing he could do against the Alpha Werewolf and in the end, he left the doctor in a very poor condition, took the girl and disappeared in the night.

It was the healer to find Jackil, some minutes later. He forgot his hat in the clinic and returned to get it, but found quite a different scene than he expected.
He called Royal Guards and Jackil was taken care of by Doctor Robstein himself-

It happened a week ago and ever since that evening no news of Tomiel has been heard by anyone. No one saw her nor her kidnapper, but naturally, almost the entire military organizations of the North, Khai-Ming and some other helper are all helping to find her.

Jackil won't be able to move from bed for several weeks due to the injuries he received in the fight. Being an Elite Guard did nothing against Ezekiel. And he is depressed beyond belief for having been unable to protect his own daughter.

In addition to that, Jackil received some very strange visits from an unknown man, Viktor in fact. And he just left Jackil's home, after visiting him yet another time.
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Crow Malcolm. «And if it was an Alpha to take her indeed, what will you do when you find them?
Well, if for normal ones you mean the ones from other worlds, first, they are much smaller but as tough and powerful, second, they have a human form, and I mean, 100% human. If we had one in front of us, we wouldn't distinguish him from another Auriold, no features, nothing like Nimox. But it's true they are quite obsessed with gold. And virgins...»
Crow Malcolm. «In other words, die before getting close enough to have a clue of what happened to her? Keep your life, I'm pretty convinced deaths won't do her any good, assuming she is still alive.
He flew her to his cave and will intend to bring back his race to the world, as in his absence they were extinct. And sadly, there is only one way he has to create more Dragon-Shifters. In fact, there are much less creatures who can infect/transform people than those who can only do it the natural way.»
Crow Malcolm. «I bet, but you basically admitted you are intending to go after the Alpha who got her without knowing anything and you know, most of them have quite an army, they are not all as unlucky as Mr Dragon.
Well, he could really be hiding in a cave anywhere in the world, even though he is originary of the East. If he took someone in the North he might be hiding somewhere far in the mountains. or in the East, he can teleport.
As for getting him to talk, well...he probably kills us first, then talks with us...»
Crow Malcolm. «They are beasts for the most, they will jump at anything that will approach regardless of how strange it looks.
A Dragon-Shifter sounds even more possible when you put it that way. But in truth, the only thing that really leaves me baffled, is that the father was spared. Are you sure it wasn't someone who holds Doctor Riddle dear? It would immediately discard the hypotesis of Alphas as they were caged centuries before he was born. Maybe of his brothers or colleagues?»
Crow Malcolm. «He is an Elite Guard, it can't be just an Auriold. If I am not wrong, he has both a Knight and a Werewolf brother. Maybe an argument ended very badly.» He sure wants to help.