Name: Red Adair
Age: 20 (Or older depending on Rp)
Gender: Female
Birthday: June 6th
Sexuality: Bisexual
Species: Human
Occupation: Unknown
Ethnicity: American

Personality: Acts like a bitch but is secretly a sweetheart, noticeably Insane, enjoys pain, generally introverted.

Physical Appearance: 5' 5", skinny build, medium to long red hair, multiple fight scars on her arms (though most are hidden or faded), dark brown leather jacket, mixed colored flannel shirt,

Eye color: Yellow
Quirks: Bipolar, Masochist, Daydreamer

Back story: Red became an orphan at age 7, her parents brutally murdered in the dangerous town she lived in. For years, she snuck into various places to sleep. Eventually at age 13 she was given an opportunity to become an assassin. Through enough training, Red has become an elite assassin who is almost unstoppable when angry.
She is extremely introverted, so befriending her will take much dedication. And patience. Mainly patience.
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