Phase 1: arguing with Minho because he is young, thus doesn't understand a sh*t. (Even if they agree on the same thing.)

Phase 2: drink with the ex Evening Sun and come up with the decision LaNi is going to marry WuXin and take responsibility for what they did. (That Minho had previously agreed on too.)

Phase 3: massive scolding of both from their respective hyungs.

Phase 4: have the baby be checked by Christoph because Sao doesn't trust either LaNi's nor Fipp's opinion. XD

What he claims from LaNi is that he will become an IA. The truth is that he had his eyes on him ever since he managed to defeat two of his IAs in one go, now he just got the chance to force him to join and he doesn't intend to let him escape. It's also a way to control him, now that he is forced to accept him as a new member of his family.
Naturally there have been arguments on what the surname of the baby will be. XD
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LaNii "Maybe Thomas found something already.
Woh! I need to read that tome as well! I've always wanted to know the specifics of the creation of the universe!" That's the kind of arrogant knowledge he needs.
"He wouldn't have the humbleness to admit there is more than what he sees and understands, let alone open his mind to the less traditional possibilities. I really don't understand why people are so stubborn." LaNi can't really speak.
"That 'boring' organism is closest to perfect, darling. It's the truth. Look at Tero and how he risks death every time he gets wounded."
Dobermann "I didn't pay enough attention. I saw him working on his golems mostly. They are impressive but I fear he didn't get ready enough for his cloth. What is he going to get if he didn't train any magic?" No one can really understand how Thomas works, not even Thomas himself.
"I thought so. I'll tell you the exact location. It is a little hidden, in the library of the Grand Temple.
He doesn't even admit to be gay yet when his IAs look just like a group of super hot male models. Only I noticed? It can't be a coincidence. I hope he'll manage to open his mind.
Arayo. I was joking." He then raises an eyebrow. "He risks to die every time? Explain how."
LaNii "If he is allowed to use his technologies to get his cloth, I'm positively sure he will make it. He is a true genius, I've seen what he is capable of. He could be a real inspiration for QinShi." Also to how get his cloth.
He snorts. "I didn't notice that, I have just met a few IAs. I didn't think that their looks was one of the requirements to become one. Should I get worried that he wants me?"
He sighs. "Due to the way his blood is, his body struggles way too much to heal."
Dobermann "Don't make QinShi feel in hurry though. It is not easy to get the cloth, so he should do it only when he feels truly ready. You know well too how hard it is. I'm even worried about Thomas who still didn't say a word. I'll take a look from the telescope tomorrow.
Ani, sweetie. He'd better not try anything with you if he doesn't want his secret revealed in less than a day to all Xhuanghen." He'd just have to find the right chatty eunuch!!
"I didn't know. It makes him also less likely to get hurt, though?"
LaNii "Far from my intention to pressure QinShi about it. I thought it could just be a way for him to do it more safely, when he will be ready.
I hope Thomas is faring well..." He takes a deep breath.
"I'm sure he knows better than triggering you, he must know by now how dangerous you are." He makes a slight smirk.
"Doesn't seem so. I think that it makes him light and maybe more flexible, but at the price of his own safety."