Scorpia Character Sheet

Name: Scorpia

Age: 19-21 depending on season

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Big ol' lesbian!

Species: Scorpioni (Humanoid with scorpion appendages)

Powers: Lightning and electricity powers, stunning tail venom, brute strength (Is basically the strongest on her planet)

Ethincity: Asian American (1 part Asian 1 part albino Caucasian)

Physique: An apple or inverted triangle body shape, meaning her shoulders and breasts are larger than her hips and waist. Scorpia has tons of muscles in her back and arms, along with athletic, slender and powerful legs.

Appearance: Scorpia has pale skin and snow white hair, which is styled with an undercut on each side and the back. Scorpia is about 7 feet tall, maybe a bit less. She's equal or slightly taller than the goddess like height of She-Ra. She's extrably muscular with large breasts, broad shoulders and a smaller waist. She usually wears eyeliner and black lipstick on the top lip. Her eyes are black/very dark brown. Her most distinguishable features are her scorpion features. They're like plated red armor, she calls it an exoskeleton. She has plating on part of her arms, and shoulder spikes that look like shoulder pads, and instead of hands she has scorpion pinchers which are big and meaty like a lobster. She also has a scorpion tail.

Usual outfit: combat uniform. Red two toned top with diamond boob window and tall collar. Burgundy leggings with knee pads and the same color Burgundy boots
Formal: A long black dress with a slit, showing off a leg and with an asymmetrical neckline, black lace up sandals, a red belt with gems that can hold bombs, red garbet earrings, hair slicked back.

Personality: According to Perfuma, Scorpia has the biggest heart in the whole rebellion. She is a sweet heart, loving and affection. She cares for her friends deeply and would put her life on the line for them. Because of this she is extremely brave. She's also very strong, physically. She has a ton of insecurities and doubts about what she can and cannot do since doubt was instilled in her as a child. She is known to be pretty naive, innocent and clueless but she is intelligent when she gets serious or focuses. She's often socially awkward and feels she cannot fit in.

Likes: Drawing, Singing, combat, her friends, Perfuma, Catra, Frosta, Emily the Robot, giving hugs, hot cocoa, pretty girls, ducks, the ocean and boats, board games, bowling

Dislikes: Rejection, her friends being rude, salad, feeling left out and alone.
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