What do I think of dezi? Well he's uh unique

*dakota leaned back in his chair recalling the memories he had with dezi scratching his chin* "well let's start with when the sisters he's so found of showed up yeah?" *He took a deep breath*

*Dakota sat in dezi's dorm looking at him*
"You're walking a thin line of no return walker, you're sisters worried about you, I'm worried about you man, you're causing problems that don't need to be caused, you can't protect everyone, I know you want to after what happened to rose-

*Dezi instantly snapped* "No dakota you don't f***ing know, you have no idea, how would you feel if jasmine did in your arms? Looking into your eyes? Just because you moved her the wrong way? Knowing you very well could've saved her?"

*Dakota sighed* "I mean I guess you're right, I would be just as hurt and upset and depressed as you, have you found out anything more about the guys who killed her?"

*Dezi groaned* "nope, just that their still alive and apart of the monarchs gang, f***ing monarchs........ They'll pay once I find them"

*Dakota smirked* "so you and that new girl huh what's that about? You think she's cute? I mean if jasmine wasn't available I'd probably go for her sister, what's her name Vanessa? Dakossa? Has a nice ring to it"

*Dezi rolled his eyes* "she's pretty and doesn't have powers, reminds me alot of how rose was when I first met her *he paused as the same girl they were just talking to fell into the dorm*

"Speak of the devil, *dakota said* I'll leave you two to it"

*Dakota leaned forward in the chair* "now let's fast forward to a party about a month or so ago"

*Dakota jasmine dezi and Vanessa were all sitting up in the royals section*

*Dezi had a devious smirk on his face like he was trying to make a plan* "you know bub I still throw better parties these royal balls, never really have been my style"

*Dakota raised and eyebrow, and pointed to his scared and blind eye* "well neither am I put as King I'm stuck with them, I don't even look the part"

*Dezi smirk* "alright cyclops I get it go ahead and greet the guests"

*Dakota who playfully shoved dezi's head* "f*ck you too zombie" *he grabbed jasmines hand walking out to the front door greeting the guests, he looked back and dezi and Vanessa his arm around her, was he trying to make a move on her? He thought*

*The two seemed to get really close really quick, he remembered thinking as he watched dezi pull her onto the dance floor*

"Look at the love birds" *said jasmine mockingly*

*Dakota also noticed sabrina staring at the pair dancing, very fluently dancing*
"I know what he's doing, he's trying to make that girlie wanted to be jealous, I know sabrina really wanted them together, looks like they've resorted to jealousy"

*Jasmine and dakota both watch the kids dance the night away until they part ways and dezi goes to the porch to have a drink, I couldn't hear what was said but I did watch ivy try to rub up on him and Vanessa seemed to get very defensive of him, once ivy left the pair left too but with a third girl dakota didn't know*

(Blue butterfly in a glass ball, butterfly obviously represents Sabrina and the glass ball being Vanessa, idk she's can read people's minds and that makes me think glass ball XD
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