Dezi walker aka "joker" wip

This is my main roleplay, and boy do we have alot to disscus about him

So he has A.D.H.D. anxiety and alot of trust issues due to things that have happened in the past, he doesn't let to many get close but when he does he never wants to let you go and it always hurt if he does, so much so that he'll try to avoid that person because even just seeing them makes his heart sink. The A.D.H.D. is day by day some days it's not even noticable other days he can't sit still for the life of him

Personality, well, he's definitely a character, while incredibly loyal whether someone deserves it or not he is a tad on crazier side, though if it's by choice and just for fun no one really knows, but it is intimidating to see a powerful guy like him with his crazy mind,
He's a loyal lover never has nor will he ever cheat,he expects the same from his girlfriend's but only ever has had one who was loyal to only him

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