!!Rules/Things to know!!

!!A few short rules/ things to know!!

1. I will NOT role play with horror or gore, most of the time the person I am role playing with is the main character and has mental problems. I’m open with my mental illnesses but people without them don’t know what they are. Such as (ex; depression, anxiety, ocd, personality disorder, etc.)

2. I will NOT roleplay FxF in a purely s*xual matter, I am a male and I don’t want to take any part in faking to be a women pleasuring another, so do not ask.

3. If you add me, don’t expect me to message you: If you add me, YOU start the conversation.

4. I will not roleplay with you if you have a f*tish or k*nk of Asians, this had happened too many times and it’s simply disgusting.

5. Do NOT spam me with messages, if I don’t answer you in the first 24hrs I am OBVIOUSLY busy.

I will block you if you do not follow these, thank you and have a wonderful week! ❤
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0 | Nov 21st 2020 23:50