① Do not be rude or disrespectful. If we/you are having a problem with anything from plots to my character, please just tell me in a nice manner and maybe we can work it out.

② I write in third-person format, I dislike first and second format. I consider myself a pretty literate writer, but I'm no novel writer. And no text talk please.

③ Try to use decent grammar and spelling. No one is perfect and even I mess up sometimes, but please try.

④ Plots must be discussed. I'm not very good at just "winging it" so please don't send me a starter out of no where.

⑤ I have no problem with mature themes (18+ themes/NSFW themes) but i do have limits:
A) Absolutely no rape plots
B) No pedophilia plots - all characters and admins MUST be 18+ years of age
C) I highly dislike cheating plots
D) I don't mind small amounts of drama, but please keep it at a minimum
E) No beastiality and preferably no fury plots (animal x human) supernatural creatures are fine
F) and no abuse plots

⑥ Please do not spam me, I am busy throughout the day sometimes to where I can't reply quickly. If I forget to reply, just simply send me one (1) message saying its my turn to reply.

⑦ No god-moding. I hate it when people try to control everything, including my character.

⑧ You add, you talk. I add, I talk. I'm not here to collect friends I never talk too

⑨ OOC talk must be used with these "//" nothing else

①⓪ If I'm in a relationship, no romance plots. I don't want to disrespect my partner. So please understand if my status on my page says: In Like, In a Relationship, Married, etc... then we will not roleplay romance plots.

If you read over all of these rules and agree to them, please heart this post

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8 | Nov 21st 2020 23:03