Origin of Darkseid

Long ago before Apokolips was ruled by the diabolical deity, there were two hierarchical figures. Queen Heggra and King Yuga Khan who ruled over the planet and its people. Their oldest son, Prince Uxas was second in line to his homeworld's throne who was desperate to claim power for himself. Young Uxas was driven by a will to rebel against his own family by spreading corruption and lies against the Old Gods which would eventually lead to a revolution ignited by him and his younger brother Izaya.

By doing so, Uxas obtained the Omega Force which in turn altered his physical appearance into a hulking sized behemoth with a rock-like appearance. Thus, Darkseid was born and the civil war between the New Gods and the Old Gods started. Darkseid managed to lay waste to the entire family line as well as his parents, successfully claiming full totalitarian power over Apokolips.

In the aftermath, he recreated the planet in his own image into a hellish and chaotic world infested with fire pits, prisons and torture chambers. For thousands of years on, he remained a feared diabolical deity hellbent on conquering and reshaping the universe using the Anti-Life Equation as a means to doom those who lived through the massacre of their worlds to become mind controlled slaves to the Apokoliptian ruler.

Eventually, he would assault the planet Earth only to be met with fierce resistance from the likes of the Justice League. As a result, he also became an archenemy to the Kryptonian Superman who was the exact opposite of Darkseid, for he was seen as a symbol of hope and prosperity.

Despite only being defeated a few times before, Darkseid has since learned from his past mistakes and vows to stop at nothing to think of a new plan to defeat his foes even if he is finally killed.

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