- Has tendencies to regress and act like a girl due to past traumas

- Genuinely believes cats are other dimensional

- Occasional frustrated breakdowns

- Has an imbalance of expression. He rarely isn't stoic, so when the emotions want to flood out, it will lead to violent breakdowns in his home, usually involving punching glass and breaking his favorite paintings and sculptures, leaving body parts and bones scattered throughout the house. His clean up gets irritating and shameful.

- There's still a tooth wedged in between the floorboards from one of his last apartments he successfully left before getting caught. (He frequently apartment hops)

- Otis, the night of his birthday, asked God to send someone to shoot up his campus since he was getting bullied. When he didn't get that wish, 30 days later, it lead to the massacre he performed, and also rippled his faith in religion.

- He has a burning and deep hatred with psychiatric hospitals. Being in and out of one messed with his head even more.

- Repetitive noises will tick him off and can break his facade

- Has an irrational fear of airplanes in the sky, mostly the sounds

- During a meltdown, he jammed his hands into the body of one of the fresh corpses and smeared the blood down his face to feel 'one with humanity', then went to bed like that. In the morning the blood dried on his face and took longer than it should've to wash out.

- He has a favorite painter, composer, any art, he can name his favorite.

- Judge Angels would willingly cut her arm open to offer him blood in comfort so he could make little drawings. It meant more coming from her.

- His favorite piece he keeps with him everywhere he goes. It's just one bloody line down a notebook paper.

- He actively avoids Jeff. He's waiting for the day they break into the same house and that day will be the worst for Helen.

- Expresses emotion through art, and his art is far from understandable and clean.
Once he was asked what he felt and he got out his sketchbook and just drew one big scribbly circle.

- He doesn't like people close to him actually seeing his art. The less of it you see, the more he cares about you.
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