*See album 'TLOU' image "Clickers" for a photo example

Clickers are the third stage of the Cordyceps infection. It takes around a year of exposure to cordyceps to reach stage three of infection and causes them to possess strength stronger than humans.

Clickers appear nearly nonhuman, a flower like fungal pattern covers their eyes and face and splits their mouths open. If this flower is removed their vision returns until it grows back.

Clickers get their names from their ability to use echolocation to detect their surroundings, their hearing is highly sensitive and small movements set them off. Their hyper aggression has worsened since stage two.

Speaking of hyper aggression, when provoked a clicker will enter 'Beserk' mode, flailing their arms as they run towards an un infected target and screeching. Clickers do not flinch when shot unless using a powerful gun.

Clickers have completely lost their humanity and are highly intelligent, they will not leave an area they have heard or detected noise in.

Clickers have a high defence, you cannot win against a clicker with fisticuffs (instant death). To kill a clicker they need to be shot multiple times through the fungal plate on their face or snuck behind and stabbed.
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