About TIE and TIE's Rules

TIE stands for Teresa Iris Evelyn, a Resistance fighter that is in the First Order as a spy.
People refer to her as TIE Fighter in code.
TIE doesn't like it when people ask her for sexual performances. That's not what this site is used for.
TIE will shoot you down if you ask her of that.
TIE loves Star Wars.
"I find my lack of Star Wars knowledge disturbing" -TIE
Don't spam my account if I had already denied you.
I don't have Disney Plus and I have not seen the Mandalorian so don't send me a character that's from that series because I have not seen it (I don't plan on seeing it because I have school to worry about)
I only accept canon x oc for shipping! Don't ask me to do oc x oc cause that is not happening.
You add you respond. (I mean it I'm annoyed at those I see online but not replying)
If you read these, comment Han shot first below!
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