Name: Blake

Birthdate: December 2nd

Age: depends on roleplay!! 14-25

Height: 165cm (5’5)

Gender: Demigirl (she/they)

Sexuality: gay (Pansexual)

Usual fashion of dress: short basketball shorts, hoodies, t-shirt with odd designs (like a shirt with only a llama on the front)
Appearance (in general): profile picture!

Personality (good): good at reading how people are feeling, not afraid to ask how someone is feeling, creative

Personality (bad):energetic, hyper, short attention span, bad at telling jokes or a story, keeps things to herself (her parents could die overnight and she wouldn’t say a word)

Soft spot: Cats, tall girls, celery lol

Backstory: totally depends on roleplay :)

“Position”: Switch

She’s my favorite OC (she’s basically my persona) to use in roleplay so generally I’ll automatically choose her for roleplay if you don’t have a prefrence :)
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