Your Wish Has Been Heard (DB OC)

(Canon divergence)

Full Name: Manasa
Alias/Nickname: Mana
Birthday: Unknown
Year: ---
Age: Ancient, to be simple
Race: Shenron
Height: 4'8" (child form) 5'6" (adult form)
Hair color: Platinum blond with blue highlights
Eye color: Golden

Attire: Manasa wears an over sized dark blue cloak, and a gem developed by Asushlin around her neck, which allows her to change between her adult and child form freely. White Egyptian-esque clothes on her body, and nothing on her feet.

Any complexs?: God complex

Skills: Magic, simply.
And wish granting.

Sexuality: Bisexual - no lean

Crush/partner: None

Affilitation: Asushlin's tiny right hand

Likes: Food, and lots of it, fighting, eating, food (yes again). Sweets.

Dislikes: Losing, that's about it.

Personality: A bundle of.. well, whatever it is, is Manasa, a humanoid Shenron of the Black Hole Balls, the Dragon Balls people seek for when they're desperate, end of the line. Manasa thrives off of despair, but she's also a joyful contradiction. Her attitude is an all-round type of gal.

Past: [Unknown information trying to be processed..]

"Ooh! I /love/ salmon!"

"Whaaat? You gotta speak up!!"

"How's the air up there? Thin? You breathing all right?"

(Art coming soon)
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