Technical Advancements (DB OC)

(Canon divergence)

Full Name: Asushlin Von Rina
Alias/Nickname: Asush
Birthday: December 21st
Year: ---
Age: 999
Race: Angel, God hybrid
Height: 5'11"
Hair color: Ash Black
Eye color: Lavender

Attire: Everything he wears is black, a black crop jacket, turtleneck, and pants. An eyepatch goes over his right eye, it has a dangling jewel on it for aesthetic purposes. White boots adorn his feet and white gloves on his hand.

Any complexs?: Superiority and Persecution complex. (He's a confusing one)

He also has severe claustrophobia

[Unknown Data Requested...]

Sexuality: Pansexual

Crush/partner: None

Affilitation: The King of Hell's Scientist

Likes: Experimenting, tinkering, and fighting.

Dislikes: His father (hate is a better word), when things don't work out, and getting hurt.

Personality:  Selfish and uncaring would be the easiest thing to call this man. He won't speak to you unless you initiate, and even then it's one-sided. Especially if he's working. While he can easily be flustered, a lot of attempts go in vain. The main is everything Awin isn't.
(..hint, hint?)

Past: At a young age, Asushlin loved to test the water of what he could and couldn't do while in the Angel Clan. This one day led to him meeting quite the untimely end. Though he was resurrected, not even he knows how. And now, he sports a scar around his throat to which he covers, and a ghastly scar on his eye, also covered.
(Don't wish to spoil too much about him..)

"What do you want? State your purpose.. or go away."

"Wh-What? You think my freckles are..a-ah? Ugh, stop being annoying!"

"My eyepatch? Oh, it's.. it's nothing."

(art coming soon)
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