Sweet As Pie (DB OC)

(Canon Divergent)

Full Name: Aldawine Von Rina
Alias/Nickname: Awin (preferred name)
Birthday: May 14th
Year: ---
Age: 999
Race: Angel, God-hybrid
Height: 5'9"
Hair color: Snow white
Eye color: Lavender

Attire: A golden neck piece with the symbol of his Universe, a black form fitting top, navy blue waistband, and black puff training pants with white boots. A white glove on his left hand and black brace on his right. His signature defining feature is a black industrial bar earring on his left ear.

Any complexs?: Nightmare Disorder, Depersonalization Disorder, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Ki shield: A ki shield that can be raised to block all attacks. Enough force and it will shatter and take five minutes to recharge.

Standard Ki attacks: Your average ki blasts

Galick Gun: With Vegeta as his mentor, he learned one of his signature moves.

Dark Star Cannon: Awin's secondary ultimate attack. It's said that this attack can gather the stars and even the galaxy itself and turn it into raw energy..

Cooking: The biggest passion Awin has, taste his food and it's almost like adding ten years to your life!

Sexuality: Pansexual

Crush/partner: None, yet

Affilitation: God of Destruction trainee for Universe 18

Likes: Cooking!!, sweets!, love and affection, hugs!, cuddles!, Cooking! Again!!, swimming, flying, learning new thing, and cute things. (like stuffed animals and such)

Dislikes: His father, unnecessary fighting, people overworking themselves, others being sick or getting hurt.

Personality: The most caring and cutest Angel you'll ever meet, Awin! He cares for each and every one of you, even if they were an enemy, he will still offer a shoulder and warm meal to them. Awin is a bubbly and kind Angel who rarely holds grudges, or gets angry. If he does, then it had to be an offense beyond all offenses.

Past: Awin was previously a trainee for Universe 18 to be the next God of Destruction, as it is a birthright of his. If the Zeno's were to kick the can, Awin would be the next King of All, and while Lovan has been banished, he would be the next Grand Priest. Due to Lovan's divergence from their Universe and crimes against the Angel Clan, the 18th Universe has since been destroyed. Awin had fallen into the 7th from this and met Vegeta, the polar opposite of his own personality. It's a long story, but the Saiyan became his mentor, and the Angel learned a lot from him. He's been residing at Capsule Corp. ever since!

"Say 'aaah'~"

"You like sweets? Hehe, me too! Let's make some together!"

"Why can't we all be friends?"

(Art coming soon)
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