An Angel Without Wings (DB OC)

(Honestly, I'm three years overdue with making all of my Dragon Ball oc's.. Oops)

Important Note: A majority of my Oc's are very canon divergent (due to the roleplay I made them for) so sorry if they aren't your cup of tea ^^;

Full Name: Lovanarious O Rina
Alias/Nickname: Lovan (preferred name)
Birthday: March 14th
Year: --
Age: 1,010
Race: Angel, God hybrid
Height: 5'4"
Hair color: Snow white
Eye color: The colours of the sunset

Attire: It depends on the situation and scene in the roleplay, but he'll normally wear Chinese or Japanese inspired clothing, always paired with high boots.

Any complexs?: Schizophrenia, Psychosis, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.


Ki Shield: A shield made purely of ki that Lovan can use to block other attacks. The amount and brute force of the attacks can shatter the shield, and it will take five minutes to restore.

Alluring Voice: (honestly a power I forget I gave him very often) Can control people for a short duration of time with his voice

Ki attacks: The standard ki blasts

Tracker Orbs: A ki blast that will follow the target no matter what.

Angelic Speed: (Self-explanatory)

Final Devestation: Lovan's secondary ultimate move, similar to Vegeta's Final Flash, but in a wider range. (The other will be revealed through the rp)

Cooking: A standard skill Lovan has, he enjoys to cook, but isn't the best at it.

Sexuality: Pansexual

Crush/partner: None, for now

Affilitation: Angel of the 18th Universe

Likes: Good food, sleeping, being gifted things, tea, ramen, watching the sunsets (hopeless romantic), swimming, flying, being with people he cares about.

Dislikes: His father, training (but he will), his Universe, fighting, evil, people he cares about being hurt.

Personality: One of the fiestiest Angels you'll ever meet, Lovan himself. He talks alot, and certainly won't give a damn about you until you give him a reason to. He is incredibly guarded, and blunt, straight to the point if you will, but of course all people like these have soft spots, and Lovan is no different. He is very easily flustered, and is very protective of family and friends (even if he claims to not like them). He is never angered easily, so if you do get him angry... Run.

Past: Lovan was the Angel of Universe 18th, his brother a training God of Destruction, and the two Kais never making it a dull day with their presence. Lovan was born unto the Grand Priest and his late wife, Asuka, a Jienshin-- God of Life. Thus, he is a half-breed. Many looked down upon him for this, especially since because of it, he was sick so often. He was on thin ice at the time as well with his God, Sojuu -- Quitela's nicer sister, when he suggested an idea that could change their Universe for the better, for peace. This of course upset the balance of order, so he was let off with a warning, but the more he pestered, the more people thought he was insane, and thus, he waa banished from the Angel Clan and his Universe. He was a wanted man, so he spent 400 years Universe hopping to escape his father and the Zen Guards. In that time, in Universe 5,did he find a man he could call Master, and was gifted wisdom beyond the ages and energy bands that allowed him to freely use his energy without tearing his body apart.
Now, with this new power, Lovan is angry, and wishes for revenge. What will happen when he comes back from this long search for him?

"You don't know what it truly means to suffer."

"Angel? No, I haven't been one of those for centuries.."

"Aren't you an annoying one. Let me guess, you only have one brain cell?"

(Art coming soon!)
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