Night Terrors

Sans sighs another day another reset as he just layed in bed not moving from it listening to his brother downstairs making spaghetti in the morning like he always did before he would wake sans up. Sans stays in bed for a few more minutes before he got up and got dressed in his everyday wear white shirt blue jacket and black shorts and pink slippers.

He made his way out and downstairs as he sees his brother coming to get him as he sighs but puts on his smile. Papyrus sees sans and raises a brow"BROTHER YOU AWAKE? I HOPE I DIDN"T WAKE YOU."he said, Sans shrugs"nah bro i was already up so uh what are we doing today?"he asked, Papyrus smiles"UNDYNE HAS INVITED US TO HER HOUSE WITH FRISK!"he said. Sans sighs heavily but frowns"sorry paps i don't feel like going today..."he said. Papyrus frowns"OK BROTHER I WON"T MAKE YOU."he said walking off.

Sans watches him leave and sighs walking back upstairs and lays in bed and closes his eyes and falls asleep ending up back in his night terror as he walks and sees his brother but his brother dusted as he gasps and looks around running. Chara giggles"oh sansyyy you can run but you can't."they said. Sans was panicking as his eye flashed blue and yellow as he hid. Chara appears behind sans and giggles"found you~!"she said and slashes his back. Sans screams waking up and looks around sighs heavily he would never tell his brother about theses night terrors nor will he tell anyone he'll just keep a happy smile and hide his emotions from everyone as he sighs and lays down and curls up crying softly.
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