Characters and intro! Yay!

Hello! Quick intro here- I'm Allie (fake name) and, as my bio suggests, I enjoy anything fantasy! I also love steampunk and am currently watching videos about female historical dress and corsetting because of that. Disclaimer: I do NOT judge anyone for their sexuality, nationality, race, religion, beliefs, etc.! (I'd honestly prefer to be shmacked in the face with a frying pan than do that)

I'd like to introduce you to two of my characters! Please welcome *drumroll please*

Name: Lawrence Dannielle Stallion Gender: female
Age: 14 DoB: 21st November
AU: Harry Potter by J.K.Rowling
Personality: Stubborn, slightly abnoxious, cheerful, protective, big sister energy,"me like shiny things :p" a.k.a. gremlin energy
Strengths: Strength, stamina, smarts, speed
Weaknesses: Durability to magic, long range

Name: Carolina Decruixe Gender: female
Age: 58 DoB: 5th of January
AU: Imperium by Henry Neff
Personality: Motherly, gentle, kind, considerate, emotionaly smart, patient
Strengths: Durability to magic, smarts, strength
Weakness: Long range, stamina, speed
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