Name: Serena Marie McMahon
Alias: Serena Oliver, Arylnn Marie Bradley
Age: Stays Young Forever
Hair Color: Changes all the time with my moods
Eye Color: Changes with my mood
Species: N/A
Playby: Britney Spears/Kelly Kelly
Ranger Color: Pink
Season 1- All
WWE Run 2009-Current

*Just cause I have Kelly Kelly Photos doesn't mean I am her or my character is like her or if I have Britney Spears pics.

More about my character.

Serenity is a mistress of disquises she always changes her look, she later finds out that the McMahons have adopted her which of coarse means they arent her real parents so she goes searching for them but alas they have been watching her for many years never leaving her sight. In truth Serenity does find out later that her mother is Darla (the woman who sired liam (Angelus) (which also is her dad as well. Serenity also has many family members as well
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